What yoga and determination did for one man.

This 5 minute youtube video clip shows the inspirational story of Arthur Boorman.  If you have ever wondered about the power of yoga, watch this inspirational video.

By including video I am not trying to imply that I taught yoga to Arthur - I didn't.  As a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher I am however authorised to teach Iyengar yoga.

Under the guidance of a trained and Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and if you develop a regular yoga practice you could also improve your health and well being.

I have included this video on my web site because I found it a truly inspiring story of someone who would not give up and who used a regular practice of yoga to conquer his demons.  Maybe you could do the same.

Just Yoga offers small classes taught by Iyengar trained teachers.

Stroll through our web site to find out more about Iyengar Yoga and our studio.  And if you're interested register for the Beginners course or if you have some yoga experience come along to one of our scheduled classes.

David McLaughlan
Certified Intermediate Junior Teacher
Director of Just Yoga