Beginners' Course

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The Beginners' Course is a 6 week course consisting of 1 hour 15 minute to 1 hour 30 minutes classes once a week, for those participants with little or no experience in Iyengar Yoga, or yoga in general.

The Beginners' Course cost $120.00 - register online.

Classes focus on the basic poses of classical Hatha yoga gradually building the participants exposure to yoga, the Iyengar method of yoga instruction and the use of props.

Poses are explained and demonstrated to the participants with each class building on the previous weeks class and progressing the participants' experience and entry into the Novice classes.

The Beginner's course is shaped to take into consideration the specific ability of the individual.  Each participant is taught posture modifications and how to use props effectively to enable them to achieve the many benefits of yoga without putting them at risk from injury.

The Beginner's classes start by introducing the Standing postures, Twists, Seated and Forward Bends.  Each class ends lying down for rest and relaxation.

The dates of the next Beginner's courses are:

Time Day Start Date Status
- 7.30pm, Tuesday, 7th March Accepting Registrations

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If there are no courses scheduled that suit your available time, call David on 0418 923 791 to discuss alternatives that may be available.