What to Wear

When practicing yoga your body should be free from the restriction that some types of clothing create.  A yoga class will require you to bend and twist in ways that are not part of your normal daily activities.  Many stylish clothes with their tight fitting designs will not facilitate the movement required of many of yoga’s most basic postures.

Loose, comfortable clothing that stretches is the most appropriate for yoga. Track suit pants are loose, but in the summer they can become hot and in some of the seated postures they can in themselves become restrictive.  Clothing such as loose fitting shorts or tights and a T-shirt are recommended.

Remember that inversions are taught in some yoga classes, so be conscious that your clothing needs to practical as well as comfortable.

When you think of loose clothing don’t think of that jumper with the sleeves that you constantly need to pull up to find your hands, or that old pair of baggy pants with the hems you never had taken up that run way past your feet.  Choose tops with sleeves that won’t fall down past your wrists, and pants with legs with cuffs that end above the ankle, so you won’t trip over them.  Ill fitting clothing becomes an insurance concern for the Studio.

Choose fabrics that allow the skin to breathe freely, such as cotton, lightweight wool etc.  In the winter months, lightweight leggings can be worn.  Fine woven woollen fabrics may be preferable during winter.

Change rooms are available as are cubicles in the studio for you to store your clothes.  However the studio can not take any responsibility for lost or stolen articles, so don’t bring that irreplaceable family heirloom.

Iyengar yoga is taught in bare feet on rubber mats.  Socks are not permissible as they restrict your awareness of your contact with the floor.  You may put your socks back on at the end of the class for Savasana.

The studio is air conditioned and remains at a constant mild temperature.  Whilst this a little warm for some, for others it is a little cool.  You may wish to have a warmer top to put on at the end of the class in Savasana.