How do I Start Yoga?

People who have not done yoga before should attend a Beginners' course and then progress to the Novice level classes.

Students who have done other types of yoga, but who have never experienced Iyengar yoga are encouraged to attend a Beginners' course or Novice level classes for at least a few weeks, so that the teacher can assess your level of understanding and you can familiarise yourself with the Iyengar method.

The Iyengar method’s principles of movement and alignment may be new to students who have not attended a Beginners' Course before.  A possible misunderstanding of the Iyengar method may disrupt the flow of certain classes and lead to a situation that could be easily avoided.

Beginners' courses are run regularly and consist of one class each week for six weeks.  Novice classes are run regularly during the week.

Find out more about Beginners' courses and classes here.