Just Yoga Teachers

David McLaughlan - Junior Intermediate (JI2)

David McLaughlanDavid is the Director of Just Yoga and an accredited Iyengar teacher.

David has practiced yoga since 1998 and received his Yoga teacher training from John Leebold and Marina Jung, certifying as an Iyengar Introductory 2 yoga teacher in early 2007.

In 2008, David visited the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune, India and spent 2 months studying yoga under the Iyengars.

In 2010, the High Street Fremantle Yoga WA studio where David studied since 2004 and taught since 2005 closed, when John Leebold, one Australia's most senior Iyengar teachers, left Perth to base himself in Melbourne and teach internationally.

It was at this time that David decided to establish the Just Yoga studio to continue the tradition of Iyengar taught in the Fremantle area since 1980's.  Since then David has dedicated himself to teaching Iyengar yoga to the broad community of Fremantle.

In 2011 David received recognition for his yoga practice and teaching and was awarded Intermediate Junior 1 accreditation by the Iyengar Association.

David has been a founding teacher at the Just Yoga studio since 2010.

Prior to developing his strong practice David says he used to suffer from severe back pain.  He strongly believes that "yoga has transformed his body" and that without it "he would not be able to enjoy the healthy life he does today".


Gary John - Introductory Level II

Gary JohnGary discovered yoga in 1998 after his meditation teacher recommended he take some classes at an Iyengar Yoga School to improve his meditation practice.  His curiosity in yoga began to grow as he was exposed to yoga’s many physical and psychological benefits.  This in turn led Gary to pursue teaching yoga to bring the benefits he had received to others.

Having taught yoga since 2012, Gary received his Iyengar Certification (Intro Level II) after studying with John Leebold, in 2014. Since then Gary has continued to develop his practice and teaching, through regular attendance at classes and workshops with some of Australia’s senior Iyengar yoga teachers.  He has also received instruction directly from the teachers at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India where he has visited on several occasions, since his first visit in 2009.

Gary is dedicated to yoga and his students and this is exhibited through both his teaching and the care he shows his students.


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